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          Fall Roundup Campaign       

Support for the Chapter General Fund

For many years the Chapter has relied on members' contributions made during  annual membership renewals.  Frequently, members would "round up" their dues payments to higher amounts with general contributions to the Chapter.

This year, the State Society required use of the Member Clicks platform for renewals.  Initially there was no provision for renewal contributions in the State system; after a time, and after some members had already renewed without contributions, the feature was added.  That leaves us in the place where many members were either not afforded the opportunity to make a contribution or were unaware of the possibility.

Accordingly, the Chapter Board of Managers has framed a general contribution campaign for the fall to encourage contributions to the Chapter's general fund: a Fall Roundup Campaign.   General funds are available for all of the operations and activities of the Chapter.   Our budgets have been built around the assumption there will be such contributions as there have been for many years; without them, the Chapter's budget will experience a budget deficit shortfall. 

So, it's a Fall "Roundup."  Your contributions to the Chapter as a subentity of the 501(c)(3) National Society should be fully tax deductable.

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