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30/30 Campaign Recap
Sustainability for the Endowment Fund

After the 2023 30 days Campaign wrapped up May 18th many members had made generous contributions to the Chapter's Outreach and Education Endowment Fund.  The Campaign proceeds of $14,500 have been added to the $11,600 previously available from the Mosher bequest and the $30,000 in seed money provided by a key member benefactor.  The Fund rose to $56,100 and after a $1,250 distribution for 2023 the Fund stands at $54,850.  On this foundation, your Board of Managers hopes to build and to expand outreach and education to advance our shared patriotic, historical, and education objectives long into the future.  The Board expresses sincere thanks to the many members who have made this great leap for the Chapter possible.

Endowment Fund Campaign total 5/18/2023

Goal: $30,000.00
Collected: $14,500.00


    • It is essential to the SAR and our Chapter that we support our Mission.  Our core historical, patriotic, outreach and educational activities are our reason for being
    • Costs have risen, revenues have fallen, and the Chapter has incurred deficits in recent years
    • It has been difficult, sometimes impossible, to fund core activities
    • To help ensure support for core programs, the Board of Managers has created a permanent Outreach and Education Endowment Fund to support SAR Chapter objectives:   Youth Activities,   Scouting,   JROTC,  Patriot Grave Marking,   Public Service Recognition,  America’s 250th Anniversary,   Color Guard,  and the like
    • The Fund is designed to provide support indefinitely:  annual withdrawals are capped at 5% of the Fund
    • The Fund is starting with $11,600, the remainder of an earlier bequest to the Chapter 
    • We have laid the foundation for the Chapter's new Outreach and Education Endowment Fund to help ensure these programs and activities future


    • Beneficiaries include students who win annual history essay contest scholarships sponsored by the Chapter, oration contest scholarship winners,  outstanding JROTC cadets, and notably local law enforcement, firefighter, and medical emergency heroes who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for others.


    • Cornerstone:  $11,600, plus
    • Member Campaign contributions:  $14,500, plus
    • Compatriot gift:  $30,000
    • Fund total:  $56,100  (With great thanks to all who contributed!!  Huzzah!!!)

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