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George Washington Chapter
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Scott Walker

Vice President

Scot Bryant


Jonathan Coles


Scott Walker


Jaymie Cook

Manager-at-Large (2024)

Thomas M. Roth, III

Manager-at-Large (2025)

Richard Rankin

Manager-at-Large (2026)

Rand Pixa


Richard Sherman


Paul McComb


Thomas M. Roth, III

Americanism Report

Thomas M. Roth, III

Master at Arms

Covert Beach

Newsletter Editor

Eric Atkisson

Past President Emeritus

Hon. David M. Walker

Past President Emeritus

Dr. Donald Reynolds, DDS


Scot Bryant


Scot Bryant


The Board of Managers, composed of the Chapter Officers, Managers-at-Large, and other ex-officio members, is assisted in the pursuit of national, state, and local SAR objectives and initiatives, as well as in the conduct of Chapter business, by both standing and special committees. Unless specified in the Chapter Bylaws, the Chapter President appoints the chairmen of the Standing Committees on an annual basis. Special Committees are typically appointed to meet a short-term need and are normally constituted for a short, specified duration.

For questions about a Committee, and for members to volunteer their services, please contact the Committee chair or the Chapter Secretary at


Amenities Committee

Responsible for arranging hospital calls, sending “get well” cards and condolences, and organizing delegations to attend local SAR funerals.

Chair: Chaplain - Paul McComb,

Audit Committee

Responsible for the annual audit of the Treasurer’s accounts and such other audit actions as the Board of Managers may direct.

Chair: Vacant,

Awards Committee

Responsible for the development and execution of the Chapter’s Awards Program. Recommends honorees for both SAR and external awards in fields such as education, public safety, military achievement, writing, ROTC/JROTC, and similar fields relating to the objectives of SAR.

Committee Chair: Vacant
ROTC/JROTC Chair: Jeff McCoy, Member: Houston Smith
Public Safety Awards Chair: John Blair, Member: Glenn Spencer

US Flag with 13 stars

Flag Committee

Responsible for presenting at least one SAR flag certificate each year and reporting the presentation to the Virginia Society’s Flag Committee. At the request of any member, the committee shall prepare a flag certificate for presentation by that member.

Chair: Paul Walden,

SAR Grave Marker

Graves Registration & Marking Committee

Responsible for the identification, documentation, and registration for publication by the National Society of any grave of a Revolutionary War serviceman or patriot. All Society members assist this committee in locating the graves of their Revolutionary ancestors and other servicemen and patriots and advocating for the proper marking of such graves.

Chair: David J. Harrity,

Program Committee

Responsible for both the development and content of programs including speaker selection, necessary arrangements for presentation, and the order of conduct of Chapter meetings.

Chair: Vice President - Scot Bryant

Property Management Committee

Custodial responsibility, including safe storage and maintenance as well as an annual inventory, for all physical property of the Chapter to include flags, banners, uniforms, and other acquired clothing and equipment.

Chair: Quartermaster - Paul Walden,

Public Relations Committee

Responsible for preparing and distributing news of Chapter activities to members and local news media. Informs Chapter members of SAR activities at all levels, encouraging participation in such activities. Publicizes to promote the value of SAR membership.

Chair: Secretary - Jaymie Cook,
Newsletter Editor - Eric Atkisson
Webmaster - Scot Bryant

Logo of Boy Scouts

Scouting Committee

Responsible for recommending sponsorship of scouting programs to the Board of Managers and implementing such programs through dealings with local Boy Scout troops and troop councils.

Chair: Marty Johnson,, Members: Adam Kincaid, Bill Hoehn and Thomas Whitaker

Youth Activities Committee

Responsible for handling all Chapter relations with private and public schools in the Northern Virginia area, including but not limited to Good Citizenship Awards, the George S. & Stella M. Knight Essay Contest, the Joseph H. Rumbaugh Historical Orientation Contest, and the Children of the American Revolution.

Chair: Marty Johnson,


Color Guard

Commander: Mark Jackson

You are invited to visit the Virginia Sons of the American Revolution's Color Guard webpage for additional information and points of contact.

Logos of CAR and DAR

DAR - CAR Relations

Promotes cooperation, membership and community service between the DAR and CAR societies and chapters. As potential new SAR members are recruited, one should always ask about their female relatives who could potentially join DAR. In turn, DAR members should be asked to inquire about their male relatives as they recruit new DAR members. 

Chair: Open

Nominating Committee

Appointed by the Board of Managers annually in September to submit nominations for the Officer and Manager-at-Large positions. The Committee consists of at least two former Chapter presidents and at least one member who is not presently a member of the Board of Managers.

Artwork of a man making a military salute

Veterans Services

Chair: LTC Gregory O. Bodge, USA (Ret) 

America 250 Logo

America 250 SAR Committee

Focused on celebrating America’s 250th anniversary with Patriotic, Historical and Educational programs which will raise the awareness of Americans about our past and help strengthen our democracy.

Chair: Edgar Bates, Members: Colin Eilts, David Harrity

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