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George Washington Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution
              Virginia Society

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Dec 2023
 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party
(Major Samuel Cooper, a Boston Tea Party participant, is buried in Alexandria)
 Boston, MA  

1618 July

 250th Anniversary of the Fairfax Resolves
 National SAR Event (co-sponsored with Fairfax Resolves Chapter SAR)

 Fairfax County & Alexandria, VA  

 Sep 2024

 250th Anniversary of the formation of the Independent Company of Alexandria  Alexandria, VA

 Oct 2024

 200th Anniversary of the Marquis de Lafayette's Grand Tour of the United States 
Cornerstone Event - Chapter's America 250 SAR Committee
 Alexandria, VA  
 13 Oct 2025  250th Anniversary of the United States Navy 

Feb 2026


 250th Anniversary of General George Washington's Birthday

 George Washington Chapter Virginia SAR is recognized by the City of Alexandria's George Washington Birthday Celebration Committee as this year's lead organization.
 National SAR Event -- Pending Request and Approval
 Cornerstone Event - Chapter's America 250 SAR Committee

 Alexandria, VA   

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George Washington Chapter, Virginia SAR

Events leading up to the
American Revolutionary War

Date         Event  City  State 
 1763  French and Indian War ends    
 1763  Royal Proclamation Line is established | link    
 1764  The Stamp Act passes | link    
 1765  Patrick Henry - Virginia Resolves    VA
 12 Apr 1767  The Townshend Acts are passed by British Parliament    
 5 Mar 1770  The Boston Massacre occurs.    
16 May 1771  Battle of Alamance (War of Regulation) Alamance   NC 
 9 Jun 1772  The Gaspee Affair Newport  RI 
* 12 Mar 1773  Virginia establishes a Committee of Correspondence Williamsburg   VA 

  6 Dec 1773

 The Boston Tea Party occurs  Boston  MA
Mar - Jun 1774  The Intolerable Acts    
 18 Mar 1774   British troops occupy Boston  Boston  MA
18 Jul 1774 Fairfax Resolves are adopted by committee in Fairfax County Alexandria VA
  1 Sep 1774   The Powder Alarm  Somerville  MA 
  5 Sep 1774   First Continental Congress is convened  Philadelphia  PA 
  9 Sep 1774   The Suffolk Resolves  Dedham  MA 
  * 14 Sep 1774
  The Independent Company of Alexandria is organized. 
Its officers were Captain William Ramsay (P-275139) and
First Lieutenant Robert Hanson Harrison (P-176250)
 Alexandria  VA 
  4-6 Oct 1774   Battle of Point Pleasant (Lord Dunmore's War)  Point Pleasant WV 

American Revolution
April 19, 1775 -- November 25, 1783

Sons of the American Revolution
Virginia SAR
George Washington Chapter

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