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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution


Old Presbyterian Meeting House

321 South Fairfax St
Alexandria, VA 22314

GPS Coordinates: 38.801700, -77.043583

Photo of ledger style marker for the tomb

Epitaph to the Unknown Soldier Carved atop the Memorial
Here lies a soldier of the Revolution whose identity is known but to God.
His was an idealism that recognized a Supreme Being,
that planted religious liberty on our shores, that overthrew despotism,
that established a people’s government, that wrote a Constitution
setting metes and bounds of delegated authority, that fixed a
standard of value upon men above gold and lifted high the
torch of civil liberty along the pathway of mankind.
In ourselves his soul exists as part of ours, his memory’s mansion.


The Unknown Soldier continues to be honored regularly by visitors and with services conducted by the Children of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, Society of the Cincinnati, First Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Legion of Honor of Shriners International, National Sojourners of Freemasonry, and other groups.

Plan your visit:

Visitation to the churchyard burial ground and Unknown Memorial is unrestricted. Visitors are welcome to tour the Meeting House, Monday to Thursday 9-4, Friday 9-12, and Sunday 9:30-12 – contact the church office in neighboring Elliot House.


The George Washington Chapter is not involved in funding or maintaining the cemetery annually. However, the George Washington Chapter, Virginia SAR, annually holds a wreath laying ceremony at the cemetery to honor the Unknown Soldier.

Brass marker from Sons of the Revolution (SR)

Photo courtesy of David Harrity
Sons of the Revolution
- Memorial Marker

1732                     1932

In This Church Yard rest the remains of many of the comrades in arms, intimate friends and fellow masons of George Washington. 

Among them sleeps an unknown soldier of the Revolutionary Army. To these, as a memorial, the wall surrounding the sacred enclosure was erected with funds subscribed by members of the Society of the Sons of the Revolution throughout the Nation under the direction of a special committee from the Society in the District of Columbia. 

Sons of the American Revolution
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