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Wreath Layings, Chapter Membership Meetings, Luncheons, Planning Sessions...

(Have you ever wanted to march in a parade?)   There is a lot going on!

Come on out and join us!

Upcoming events

    • 2023-02-25
    • 10:00
    • Moore’s Creek Battleground, 40 Patriots Hall Drive, Currie, NC 28435

    The Battle of Moores Creek Bridge – February 27, 1776

    The Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, fought between North Carolina Patriot and Loyalist militia forces, demonstrates the bitter internal divisions that marked the American Revolution. The Loyalists, mostly Scottish Highlanders wielding broadswords, charged across a partially dismantled Moores Creek Bridge, nearly a thousand North Carolina Patriots waited quietly with cannons and muskets poised to fire. Expecting to find only a small Patriot force, the Loyalists advanced across the bridge. Shots rang out and 30 to 70 Loyalists lay wounded or dead, including Lt. Col. Donald McLeod, who led the charge Stunned, outgunned, and leaderless, some of the Loyalists surrendered, while others retreated in confusion.

    Moores Creek is the site of the first Patriot victory in the American Revolution and the site of the last Scottish Highland broadsword charge. The victory ended British authority in the colony and stalled a full-scale British invasion of the South for nearly four years. The resulting Halifax Resolves of April 12, 1776, instructed North Carolina’s delegates to the Continental Congress to vote for independence; it was the first American colony to take such action.

    • 2023-03-04
    • West Springfield High School, 6100 Rolling Road, West Springfield, VA

    Be the Judge!  Click here for information on how.  Many of our Compatriots have served in the past, but more judges are needed.

    • February 14th: "soft" signup deadline
    • February 16th or 17th: 1 hour of online training (recorded)
    • Feb. 24 - Mar. 3: project review at home
    • March 4th: Competition judging at West Springfield High School

    The 2023 National History Day Theme: Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas

    National History Day is a project-based history competition for students grades 6 through 12. Students complete an individual or group project that relates to the year’s theme in one of five categories: Historical Paper, Website, Documentary, Exhibit, or Performance.  Virginia History Day | Virginia Museum of History & Culture

    Final District Five judging in preparation for the state level will be conducted at West Springfield High School on Saturday, March 4th.

    • 2023-03-11
    • 10:00 - 12:00
    • Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, 2332 New Garden Road, Greensboro, North Carolina

    Sponsored by the North Carolina Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

    • 2023-03-16
    • 10:30
    • Montpelier Estate, Montpelier, VA

    At 10:30 a.m., in honor of James Madison's birth on March 16, 1751, the George Washington Chapter will place a wreath at the grave of President Madison, hailed as the "Father of the Constitution."

    There will not be a formal commemoration at Montpelier this year, although there may be brief remarks by the Montpelier staff and  Marine Corps representatives.  At 11:00 a.m. a Marine Corps contingent will place a Presidential wreath in honor of President Madison; the Marine Corps wreath-laying will be live-streamed on the Montpelier Facebook page.

    Please be advised that Montpelier is about a 1 3/4 hour drive from Alexandria under ideal conditions and the gravesite is a 15 to 20-minute walk from the parking area.

    The mansion will be open for tours between 10:00 a.m. and 3 p.m., at your option.

Past events

2022-12-03 247th Commemoration of the Battle of Great Bridge -12/3
2022-11-11 Veterans Day Wreath-Laying - 11/11
2022-10-19 241st Commemoration of the Battle of Yorktown -10/19
2022-10-15 Joint Grave Marking: Patriot Hunter & Defender Whitaker - 10/15
2022-10-07 242nd Anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain -10/7
2022-10-01 Culpeper Muster Day - 10/1
2022-09-17 President General Pickette's Vigil at George Washington's Tomb -9/17
2022-07-10 SAR National Congress - 7/10-15
2022-06-17 Joseph Warren Commemoration - 6/17
2022-06-03 SAR Annual Conference on the American Revolution: War on the Frontier - 6/3-5
2022-05-21 Joint Grave Marking & Plaque Dedication - 5/21
2022-05-14 Commemoration of General Joseph Martin - 5/14
2022-04-30 Patriot Grave Marking: Francis Summers - 4/30
2022-04-28 Wreath Laying in Honor of President Monroe's 264th Birthday - 4/28
2022-04-24 Patriots Day - 4/24
2022-04-16 Marking of Multiple Patriot Graves - 4/16
2022-04-12 GWSAR Public Service Awards Committee Presentation to PFC John A. Embrey - 4/12
2022-04-12 Thomas Jefferson's Birthday - 4/12
2022-04-12 246th Commemoration of the Signing of the Halifax Resolves - 4/12
2022-04-06 GWSAR Public Service Awards Committee Presentation to Sgt. Charlette Mitchell - 4/6
2022-04-02 Patriot Grave Marking: John Holker - 4/2
2022-03-16 Virtual 270th Anniversary of Birth of James Madison - 3/16
2022-03-12 Commemoration of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse - 3/12
2022-02-25 Virginia History Day (District Five) - 2/25-3/5
2022-02-22 Wreath Laying in Honor of George Washington's 290th Birthday - 2/22
2022-02-21 George Washington Birthday Parade - 2/21
2022-02-21 Wreath Laying at the Tomb of the Revolutionary War Unknown Solider - 2/21
2022-02-19 Commemoration of the 241st Anniversary of the Crossing of the Dan - 2/19
2022-02-05 Memorial Service for Patriot William Lee - 2/5
2022-01-15 241st Anniversary of Battle of Cowpens - 1/15
2021-12-18 Wreaths Across America - 12/18
2021-11-11 Veterans Day Observance at Mount Vernon - 11/11
2021-11-09 Public Service Awards Presentation - 11/9
2021-10-30 Fairfax Resolves Chapter Ceremony: 250th Anniversary of the Mount Vernon Gristmill - 10/30
2021-10-23 The Culpeper Minute Men: Battalion Muster - 10/23
2021-10-20 Constitution Day Proclamation Signing - 10/20
2021-10-19 240th Anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown - 10/19
2021-10-09 Marking of Graves of Patriots Peter Tatsapaugh & Lawrence Hoof - 10/9
2021-10-07 241st Anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain - 10/7
2021-10-06 Presentation of SAR Silver Good Citizenship Award to Alexandria Sheriff Dan Lawhorne - 10/6
2021-10-02 Point Pleasant Battle Days - 10/2-3
2021-09-18 Wreath-Laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - 9/18
2021-09-04 240th Anniversary of the Battles of the Capes - 4 Sep 2021
2021-07-04 George Washington Chapter's 60th Annual 4th of July March to the Tomb - public
2021-06-26 Williamsburg Chapter SAR - Public Announcement
2021-06-05 Wayne's Crossing Event - public
2021-05-31 Broadcast: National Memorial Day Parade
2021-05-08 Martin's Station National Commemoration - May 8th
2021-04-11 Thomas Jefferson's Birthday - SAR Onsite Wreath Laying
2021-03-20 Commemoration--Patrick Henry’s Speech
2021-03-16 270th Birthday of James Madison Wreath Laying
2021-03-13 Commemoration of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse

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